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Data and Communication Done Right

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All Data In One Place - and We Mean ALL

  • One location for everything - academics, behavior, discipline, attendance, and more
  • Live data walls - one click customizable, and as many as you need
  • Integrates to all existing assessments and data sources
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Communication About Student Needs

  • The whole student, the whole story, for the whole team
  • Add anecdotes, actions, and progress to each student
  • Travels with the student - building to building, grade to grade
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Teamwork to Drive Action

  • "Hand Raise" for teachers creates a call to action
  • Alerts and updates keep the team on the same page
  • Acknowledgements and comments build team support
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Intervention and Supports

  • Diagnose needs to find supports
  • Research-based intervention library to guide action
  • Adapted to your district's unique needs
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