Intervention Compass

Tiered Supports are Hard. They Don't Have to Be. Streamline MTSS, RTI, PBIS.

Tiered Supports are Hard. They Don't Have to Be.
Streamline MTSS, RTI, PBIS.

Every student has a story. Point it in the right direction.
Focus on student needs - not process - by automating your tiered support processes.
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What You Do for Your Students

Intervention Library
  • Research-based strategies curated to your school or district needs
  • Covers all domains: academic, social, emotional, and behavioral
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Learning Targets
  • Keep your existing curriculum
  • Coordinate delivery and schedules ensuring small-group support
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Early Warning
  • Real-time alerts for attendance, grades, and discipline
  • Immediate alerts, follow-through for automatically identified students
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  • Select, sequence, and print stories from student history
  • Live, whole-school data walls with all data in one place
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Who You Are for Your Students

  • Know the whole student, tell their story, document anecdotes
  • Share student needs with parents
  • Hear the story from teachers and staff, past and present
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  • Map student needs based on existing data and anecdotes
  • Set direction with supports from the intervention library
  • Stay on course with follow-up and follow-through alerts
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  • View the big picture for all your students' needs
  • Find trends and peer groups to deliver intervention and support
  • Discover root cause for a student, class, school, or district
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We Make Sure Technology and Privacy Directors are Happy

  • Fully encrypted, access controlled, and in a secure cloud
  • Access to students limited by role, classroom, and school
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Single Sign On
  • Use your existing username and password at your school
  • Securely login from any device
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Data Integration
  • No double entry - all data sources integrated for free
  • Include quantitative and qualitative (e.g. assessments, referrals, etc.)
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Mobile Friendly
  • Designed to work on desktops, tablets, and phones
  • Securely accessible anywhere in the world, 24/7
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Case Studies

RTI Case Study:
Counselor in the Cloud
Affect student performance and behavior changes through time. Intervention management and predictive data analysis for IEPs, MTSS, RTI, and PBIS. In this study, we see how to simplify student RTI data collection, distribute the results, and make student interactions more meaningful.

Safety Case Study:
Safer Schools, More Instructional Time
Interventions where class time and safety matter most. Who is in your halls? When are passes issued? In this study, we look at the student and staff changes after using our Hall Monitor software as an Intervention Accelerator.

Employability Case Study:
More Than a Report Card
Finally, interventions for employment. Give more than just a report card. Students show characteristics to prospective employers for a leg up in the job market. In this study, we see how the Intervention Compass and associated Accelerators can be used in career and technical education settings to promote career readiness in student character.

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