Intervention Management

for Data Driven Schools

Improving school culture, student character, and safety.

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Toxic or top notch? Know the culture of your learning environment in real time.

  • Intervention management across the whole school.
  • Improve proficiency and safety from awareness.
  • Increase teaching time through behavioral support.
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Have an RTI or MTSS programs? Track intervention efficacy.

How is a student's behavior changing through time? Make IEP, 504, and PBIS accommodations easier.

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Who is in your halls? When are passes issued? And a one click panic button for emergencies. Know which students are in the hall, how many, and for how long.

  • Apply interventions for student safety, instructional time, and focus.
  • Teachers can alert the entire school with one click.
  • All teachers and staff see all active passes.
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Now you have Intervention Management for future employment.

Give more than just a report card. Students show characteristics to prospective employers for a leg up in the job market.

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Use both the Hall Monitor and Behavior Manager for one full grading period.

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