COVID Dashboard

We're here to get you back to class.

Intervention Compass helps measure your COVID risk and navigate an equitable way forward for all students. Get started with our COVID dashboard.

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Safely Open Schools

  • There are a lot of guidelines to follow right now. How do you know if they're working for you?
  • The COVID dashboard measures the relative risk for you and reports it live each day.
  • The updates you receive are based on your role/needs. Screening results, measurement of risk to staff and students, initiate and track mitigation.

Keep your students and staff safe throughout the school year

  • Do you have a high-risk student or teacher? You'll know how to best protect them.
  • Show your community that you care about each and every one of them.

Mitigate COVID Associated Risk

  • The COVID Dashboard helps you understand your hot zones by classroom, school, district, etc. by providing:
    • surveys
    • screenings
    • live reporting of screening results
    • suspected and known cases of illness
    • mitigation tracking
    • demographic analysis
    • all using easy to comprehend red, yellow, green metrics

Ensure a Successful Year

  • With Intervention Compass, you ensure this is not a lost year. We tell educators what supports/interventions can be provided and tracked for the students in class today.
  • Its never been easier to implement and grow your RTI, MTSS, PBIS, and SEL programs. Automate the processes to prompt and guide your educators.
  • Intervention Compass supports in-class instruction, online learning, and blended programs.

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